Overcoming Adversity 

This video is both one of our crowning achievements as a band, and also a subject for reflection on our current situation. For us, and for me personally, it is a symbol of overcoming adversity. 


After a complex pre-production process filled with many hurdles, we were finally able to nail a day for shooting. Friday, December 20, 2013. The crew was assembled, the studio set, the band ready. All the months of work, the setbacks, the brain storming, lead to that date. 

On Wednesday, December 18th, 2016, I had a serious car accident. A drunk driver brought me face to face with the reality that life is short. I was lucky, and even though some pain me to this day, my injuries were not catastrophic. 

We considered cancelling the video shoot. But, maybe unwisely, I charged on and said screw this, I won't let a drunk driver ruin my art, my dreams, or half a year of planning and work. 

With massive support from the rest of the band, as well as the amazing director and dp team of Luis Freddie Vazquez and Carlos García, the above and beyond help from Angel Correa, J Humberto Jimenez and the Radio Activa crew, as well as the superb post production work of Jorge Castillo, we came, we filmed, and we conquered. 

Then I slept for days, satisfied with our work, and pleased at overcoming the odds. 

This video, to me, stands as a watershed moment that both I, as a person, and Tavú, as a band and group, can face hardship and perservere, both as individuals, and together as a group. 

We might be away from the stage for a few months, we might be ill or injured, but we will always triump. 

This is me, opening my heart to you all. This is me sharing my music, sharing my art, which means the world to me. 

Yogi, Joen, Marcos, I love you guys. You are family. 

And to all of you, fans, bands, and peers alike, I love you all. WE love you all. 

Play this loudly. Share it with everyone. Enjoy it deeply. And know it came from the bottom of our hearts. 

Expect more from us soon enough! 

- David F. McCloskey, Tavu Drum Department -


Forced down time won't keep us down! 

Even though two of us are taking it slow due to unexpected medical issues, Tavú is busy cooking up some surprises for you all. 

Keep those eyes peeled. 

Thank you all for your support and your good wishes. We would not be where we are without you, and your kind words and good wishes are deeply heartfelt. 

On the health front, we will be alright, just some body parts are having warranty issues and need some repairs. 

We love you all!

Alive and kicking. 

Hails to all!

We haven't been posting much to the blog, and have left it gathering dust.  That will change soon.

Those of you who follow us on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, know we are busy writing new music, and also on a short medical leave from playing live.

We will write a more comprehensive update later this week.

We love you all!

Working on new music/Show December 5th! 

Hails to all!

We have been quiet these past few weeks, but we have been very busy behind the scenes writing music for a new album.

As you all know, we tend to be detail-oriented perfectionists when crafting songs, and this translates to a lot of time and effort during the composing pricess.  This makes creating new Tavú songs take a bit longer than we would like under ideal circumstances, but it pays off with better quality material.  Material we can be deeply proud off.

So, we have not been playing live as often while we focus on writing and smoothing out new material, but we will be giving you all a glimse of some of our new songs soon.

We will be playing a very special show on Saturday, December 5th at Club 77 (Rio Piedras) as part of the three day Metal Islands Party celebration.  We will be playing that night with Humanist, Calamity, Doomlord, Dementium and Organic, and the entrance is FREE.

This will be part 2 of a three day celebration of the Caribbean metal scene.  A legendary joining of forces between the Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Dominican Republic metal scenes.  A sharing of music and culture.

All three events are free of charge.  

Friday, December 4th will be "The Metal Islands" conference at the Teatro Tapia, talking about the different islands, their culture, and their metal scenes.

Saturday, December 5th will be the "Metal Islands Pre Party" at Club 77, which is the show we will play in.

And Sunday, December 6th will be the "8th Annual Metal Flea Market" at La Respuesta, featuring Abaddon RD from the Dominican Republic, Tendencia from Cuba, Dantesco, and Zafakon releasing their new album!  

Three spectacular events, all free entrance.

We hope to see you in all three, especially from the stage on Saturday December 5th at Club 77!

Spread the word!

TAVU this Saturday, June 28th, at the 4to Encuentro Metalero del Este Festival! 

Hails to all!

TAVU will be playing at the 4to Encuentro Metalero Del Este, sharing the stage with a massive amount of spectacular bands this Saturday June 28th, at Playa Guayanes in Yabucoa!

We had an amazing blast last year, arriving early, setting up a merch booth at the beach right next to our BBQ, enjoying all the bands at a stone's throw from the water, with good friends, good food, good beer, and a great atmosphere.

For all of you with families, you can bring your kids as well!  The entrance is free, and last year the young kids rocked more than the adults!

You can also bring all the food and drink you please, so go to the grocery store and get your supplies ready for an epic day of Puerto Rico metal, hardcore, punk rock and great times!

Bands start around 9am (it IS a beach festival after all), and will be going on all day.

TAVU will hit the stage around 7pm, so BE THERE!

Need to know how to get there?  Here are different routes to take!


TAVU tonight at the Nonpoint After Party Show! 


Hails to all of you!

Tonight is the long awaited return of Nonpoint to Puerto Rico, and we will be playing at the official After Party at Brewmasters Pub in Santurce, Puerto Rico, alongside our friends Ritual Kannabis and Noción.  This will be Noción's return to the stage after years of absence, so today's show will be a blast.

The entrance is FREE!

We are hella psyched!


We plan on giving you a devastatingly delicious set, including a brand new song.  

We will also have merch for all of you, so bring that cash flow!

After this show, we will also be participating in the 4th Annual Encuentro Metalero Del Este, in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico, on Saturday June 27th.  We played at this spectacular festival last year and we had an incredible good time with you all, as well as greatly enjoyed destroying the stage for you.  We will be playing a special set with some old classics we do not play very often, as well as live favorites, and some new music!  

This event is also both free and a family event next to the beach.  Feel free to bring your BBQ, your beer, your food, and your kids and have a blast with us and the rest of the amazing bands that will be rocking out since early in the morning!  We know you will have a hell of a time.

Just in case you haven't seen it (or want to give it another spin) we leave you with our latest music video to psych you up for the show!  We want to see and hear you singing it with us!

See you tonight at The Brewmasters Pub!




TAVU sharing the stage with Agnostic Front, March 21st! 

Hails to all of you!
We will be sharing the stage with New York Hardcore legends Agnostic Front on Saturday March 21st, at La Respuesta, in Santurce Puerto Rico, alongside Cold Times and Bicicleta!
We are hella psyched!
Agnostic Front will be filming the show for a new music video from their upcoming new album, "The American Dream Died", as well as for a documentary.  So if you want to be a part of that, you need to get your sexy selves to La Respuesta on Saturday March 21st!
If you live in Puerto Rico and need tickets, either go to the Facebook Event Page for the concert and Bloodstained World Productions will get some for you, or write us to tavuinfo@gmail.com and we will hook you up.  Tickets are $30, and there are only 300 tickets available!  So get yours before they sell out!

Back when Tavú started in 1996, a great number of our shows were with bands from the Puerto Rico Hardcore scene, bands like Golpe Justo, Bajo Presión, Keyser Soze, Nueva Etica, Perro Enfermo, etc.  Agnostic Front started out as a hardcore band, but they eventually incorporated a lot of metal elements in their music.  During the 90s, this was greatly influential to us, since they were one of the bands that showed us that you could play whatever the hell type of music you felt, as long as your message was true and you were true to yourself.  And now, were we both are together decades later. 

We are very happy to get to play with Agnostic Front, and we will be very happy to share this show with all of you.

To conmemorate this and make our set extra special for all of you, we will be playing both an old song we used to play in those days, as well as a brand new song for the first time.
We will also have merch for all of you, so bring that cash flow!
See you the 21st at La Respuesta!

"A System Without Honor" music video premiere TODAY! 


Hails to all of you!

Without further preamble, here is the new music video for "A System Without Honor"!

We are extraordinarily proud of this one.  Enjoy the hell out of it, and share it everywhere!

And here is the official press release:

TAVU: "A System Without Honor" Music Video Released

Puerto Rico metal veterans TAVU have released the music video for "A System Without Honor", the second video for their most recent album, "Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii".  It was produced by drummer David F. McCloskey and directed by Luis Freddie Vazquez, known for his work in film and theater.

"I met Luis Freddie around 2008 during the production of his film "Contraseña", in which I produced the soundtrack.  Over the years, the idea of him filming a video for TAVU would constantly come up, and when 'Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii' was released, we finally coincided," states McCloskey.

About the meaning of the song, vocalist Marcos Reyes reveals: "We live within a system which is only real because we make it real.  We create our own reality, but from birth are indoctrinated into a system of rules, conduct, and values that are foreign to our nature.  Curiously, we need this system to live within society, but the system does not need us as individuals.  What it needs is the acceptance of the masses, but one as an individual is powerless against it."

Reyes concludes: "The system doesn't care if we are honest or deceitful, if we're decent or perverse.  It doesn't understand shame, has no emotion, pity, and above all, it has no honor."

"And to me," McCloskey adds, "a system like this can only lead to one thing eventually: the end of all things."

"To translate this abstract idea into a performance video, we recruited director of photography Carlos Garcia and graphic designer Jorge Castillo into our production team, and the video was born.  We wanted to create a video that both captured the live energy of the band, as well as the bleak concept of the song," McCloskey concludes.  "I feel we succeeded."


Entrevista radial a TAVU mañana, 7:00am, en Despierta Conmigo, 1140AM 

Para todos ustedes que se levantan al amanecer para ir a trabajar o estudiar... Nuestro baterista David F. McCloskey estará siendo entrevistado a las 7:00am este Jueves 22 de Enero en el programa Despierta Conmigo, por la estación 1140AM.

También podrán sintonizar el programa en vivo por www.11qtv.com streaming.



Estaremos dialogando sobre nuestro nuevo video musical para el tema "A System Without Honor", al igual que de lo que hay en el presente panorama de Tavú!


Una taza de café y a rockear un rato tempranito!

"A System Without Honor" music video premiere 01/26/2015! 

It's official!  We will premiere the music video for "A System Without Honor" on Monday, January 26th, 2015!

It has been a hell of a ride getting here, and the wait is almost over!

We have to thank Luis Freddie Vazquez for his great job directing the video, Carlos Garcia for owning it as the director of photography, Jorge Castillo for the spectacular post production work, and the fine gentlemen of RadioActiva for helping with the shoot and facilitating the use of their studio.

We are very proud of how the video came out, and we know you will enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed making it!


We hope you are all psyched as well!

Spread the word!

We leave you with this last image of Joen rocking out during the video.  Enjoy!



Nuestros grandes amigos de CHOPPER ROCK ODIN nos han dado un apoyo extraordinario con nuestro ultimo disco, "Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii" desde su lanzamiento.

Presentemente están dandole a Tavu exposición musical por todo Latinoamerica, España y una multiplicidad de lugares más.  Estar sonando por su emisora radial es un honor para nosotros.

Denle su apoyo, que trabajan duro por exponer el buen rock y metal por el mundo!

TAVU featured in upcoming documentary on the history of the Puerto Rico Metal Scene! 

Our drummer, David F. McCloskey, was featured in the upcoming documentary "The Distorted Island: Heavy Metal Music and Community in Puerto Rico".

This documentary, created by a team from the University of Puerto Rico, lead by Professor Nelson Varas, have gone to extreme depths to capture and expose the rich, complex, and extraordinary history of heavy metal in Puerto Rico.

David was featured in representation of Tavú, as well as for his professional and personal experiences during his decades in the scene.

We are damn proud of this!

The documentary will be premiered December 18th at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, in Santurce Puerto Rico, to a full auditorium.  Tickets sold out extremely fast.

The documentary is getting some good press, so you will hear much more about it in upcoming weeks!

As soon as we know when and where the documentary will be available, we will let you know!

Back from a blackout! 

Hails to all!

We've been having technical issues with the website blog, so we haven't been able to post, but we finally got those fixed and now are back online!

Expect more updates!