PROTOCOLS drummer Leo Gonzalez to fill in for next TAVU shows! 

Hails all!

Our drummer, David F. McCloskey, will be unable to play our next two shows, so, he selected a drummer to fill in for him.

So, we are proud to announce that Protocols drummer Leo Gonzalez will be taking over drum duties for the next two shows.  We are big fans of both Protocols and Leo's drumming, and Leo was David's first choice on his list of potential drummers.


Leo will be giving his touch to our material during our next two shows.  

First show will be TONIGHT at Logan's Irish Pub, opening up for Indiana horror rockers Grave Robber, alongside our friends SacrosentRaza Sedentaria, and The Way.

Second, at the one and only VIVE ROCK FESTIVAL, November 8 at El Litoral, Mayaguez!

We are extraordinarily psyched over both shows!

It will be our first time playing at Logan's, and for all of you who went to last year's Vive Rock, you know that it will be a festival of epic proportions!

So come on down to see us rock the hell out with Leo giving his personal touch to our songs!

David will be back on the drum throne in a few weeks, but for now, watching Leo play with TAVU is a unique experience, and one you definitely do not want to miss!

We hope to see you all there!

TAVU esta noche en LOGANS IRISH PUB junto a GRAVE ROBBER! 

¡Saludos a todos!

Esta noche, viernes 24 de Octubre, TAVU estará en Logan's Irish Pub compartiendo tarima con Grave Robber, banda de horror punk directo de Indiana, al igual que nuestros compañeros de SacrosentRaza Sedentaria, y The Way.


Esta será la primera vez que TAVU toca en Logan's, así que esperamos a verlos a todos dejandose sentir con nosotros allí.

En adición, tendremos a Leo Gonzalez de Protocols en la batería en su primera presentación con TAVU.  Leo estará reemplazando a nuestro drummer David por las proximas dos presentaciones, dandole su toque personal a nuestros temas.  Esto es un junte único, digno de presenciarse.

También endremos mercancía a la venta, cual incluye camisas nuevas, al igual que copias físicas de nuestro ultimo disco, "Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii", así que vengan preparados!

¡Los vemos esta noche en LOGANS!

New shows and important Tavu news! 

Hails all!

First and foremost, here are our next confirmed live shows!

Friday, October 3, we will be sharing the stage with Protocols, Attachment, and Bicicleta at the new Hell's Bells.  This show will be a deliciously devastating treat for all of you!

After that, we have a very special presentation on Saturday October 11th alongside Ramón Ortiz, who will be playing songs from his solo project, as well as songs from Puya and Ankla, at the one and only Handlebar!  FREE ENTRANCE.

Then, on Friday October 24th we will be joining US horror rockers Grave Robber, as well as sharing the stage with local friends Raza Sedentaria, Sacrosent, and The Way in Logans Irish Pub!

And, although in November we will be busy preparing for December (more on that in a minute), we will take some time to join our very good friends Elements of Fear on in their long awaited Record Release show, Saturday November 22nd in Handlebar!

There is another important show that has not yet been confirmed for November.  We hope it happens since it's going to be a great one!

That said, we have some news.

We have been behind the scenes working hard on a number of things, musically multitasking you might say.

We are writing new music for all of you, and so far, we are extraordinarily excited with the new songs.  "Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii" raised the bar for us, and with the new material, we are pushing it further.  You might hear one of these new songs in upcoming shows!

We are also hard at work preparing for a very special presentation: our 18th Anniversary Live Stream.  We will be joining the Radioactiva/Latin Rock program in their new live stream format, and will be the first band to play in their new show.

Many of you have been unable to see us live, and many of you wonderful Tavu fans live in a ton of different places all over the world.  So, instead of you coming to us, we are coming to YOU.

We will play a spectacular concert in celebrations of our 18 years of musical trajectory, and it will be pro-shot live and streamed right into your computer, television, cellphone, tablet, or whatever device you utilize to watch your live music!  It will be intimate, powerful, and personal, done especially for all of you.

We will be announcing the official December date soon!

And finally, our editor is hard at work finishing up the music video for "A System Without Honor".  This video has been a constant battle with Murphy's Law, with everything from illness to severe technical issues conspiring to slow down its progress.  But, all that's left are some final details, so we will be announcing the official release date soon.  Since it's in its final touches, we plan on a late October or early November official release.  

We are proud of this beast, and although the wait has been tense, for all of you as well as for the band, trust us when we say, it will most definitely be worth it.

We have to thank Luis Freddie Vazquez for directing it, Carlos García for doing an amazing job as director of photography, Jorge Castillo for an amazing job with the CG/Green Screen effects and editing, and the Radioactiva/Latin Rock crew for helping us nail the studio for filming.  

Here's a peek!

And on a final, interesting note, Tavu will have a very special guest drummer for one or two shows during the late October/November run of shows.  

David will be out of Puerto Rico for a few weeks due to professional reasons, so we contacted our good friend and all around bad-ass drummer, Leo González from Protocols, to take over the drum throne while David returns.  All of you who have heard Protocols know that Leo is a vastly talented drummer and all around awesome dude, so having him take over when David is away is a great fit.  If you HAVEN'T listened to Protocols, what are you waiting for?  DO IT!

You will see him at the Logan's show October 24th, as well as maybe in one or two shows in the future while David returns.  This is a must watch event!

We will give you more news as we get it!

Thank you all for your massive support!

New shows in our calendar! 

Hails to all!

We are taking August and September to work behind the scenes on some interesting things for you guys (like the upcoming video, new music, 18th anniversary live stream date, photoshoots, etc) but we will hit the stage once again in October!

We have three dates confirmed for October, and we are psyched as hell over each show.  We will also confirm another, rather bad ass date, soon!

First off,  Friday October 3 we will be hitting the stage at the new Hell's Bells in Santurce, alongside our good friends Protocols, Bicicleta, and Attachment.  We are going to have a blast with this one!  (FLYER SOON).

Saturday October 11 we will finally join forces with Puya guitarist Ramón Ortiz and share the stage at Handlebar, San Juan.  We've been cooking up things with Ortiz all year, but the venues never came through, and finally we get to rock the hell out with our vastly talented old friend, who will be playing material from his solo career, as well as from his Ankla and Puya repertoire.  

And the entrance is FREE.

Also, we will be playing for the first time in Logan's Irish Pub with the US band Grave Robber, as well as with The Way, Raza Sedentaria, and Sacrosent.  We are quite possibly the heaviest band of the lineup, but standing out like a sore thumb is something we are good at, so we will have a blast with Grave Robber, our fellow local bands, and all our good friends from Puerto Rico.

We will also have merch for sale, so bring extra cash flow!

We hope to see all of you at these shows!  


TAVU back at #2 on XRP Radio Top 10 UK, thanks to YOU! 

Hails to all!

We are extraordinarily happy to announce that we have shot back to #2 on the XRP Radio Top 10 in the UK, an astounding achievement!

Astounding especially since this is a new season, and all votes had reset to zero, and YOU, our spectacular fans, stepped up and filled the voting to the brim.  Your support is what makes it all possible for us!

For an unsigned, independent band from Puerto Rico, this is a big deal, so we must thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

You kick massive amounts of ass.

And remember, YOU CAN VOTE ONCE PER WEEK, so if you want to help us reclaim the #1 position, go in to the XRP Top 10 site, scroll down to the yellow box, and vote Tavu!

After a triumphant season on XRP Radio UK, we need your support for the next one! 

Hails to all!

After a spectacular run of 16 weeks at #1 on the XRP Radio Top 10 in the UK, Tavu finished the season at #3, from a lowest point of #4.  Wow!  This is amazing, especially from an independent, unsigned band in Puerto Rico!  

How was this possible?  Well, thanks to all of YOU for your incredible support and consistent voting during the season.

Now the season closed and a new season has begun on XRP Radio, where the voting and Top 40 rankings have reset to zero.

So, we would absolutely LOVE for all of you to display the profound support you gave us during the past season, and VOTE for Tavu on the XRP Radio Top 10 polls.

You can vote once a week!  All you have to do is scroll down to the yellow voting box, and vote away!

Again, we thank you for your support.  You are the best fans ever, and we absolutely love you!


TAVU celebrates 18th Anniversary with a gift to YOU! 

Hails all!

This summer, TAVU has turned a strapping young age of 18.  We are extraordinarily proud of nearly two decades of great music, spectacular shows, wonderful times, and amazing friends.  We feel we are in our prime, as exemplified by the worldwide reach of our latest album, "Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii", as well as the devastitingly delicious new music we are crafting for all of you.

These 18 years would not have been possible without the undying support that you all have given us.  We have thoroughly enjoyed playing for all of you, as well as meeting many of you over the years.  We can honestly say we love the hell out of all of you.

That said, even though it is our birthday, we have decided to give YOU a gift this time around.

To celebrate our 18th Anniversary, we will be playing a special, private show, and pro shooting it for a live stream, which all our fans around the world can enjoy. A lot of our worldwide fans haven't been able to see us live, so we decided to stream our live show directly to you.  We say it's a private show because it will be streamed straight into your computer, or living room, or even  yout cellphone.

We are working hard behind the scenes to give you a blistering, emotive set that captures music from our 18 years of musical trajectory, and to give you a spectacularly shot, professional sounding live performance. 

We will be doing this later this year and will make the official date announcement soon.  So, keep your eyes peeled!

For now, feel free to drop by our Guestbook as well as our Facebook PageInstagram, and Twitter to wish us a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Remember, if you haven't purchased our latest album yet, you can purchase it from Bandcamp, Itunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and a few other places online, both digital and physical, as well as stream it on Spotify!

All the links are right above this post!  Our shirts are also available for online ordering from our Bandcamp.

​Thank you all for your spectacular support!


Tavu Drums


TAVU @ Club 77, Rio Piedras, this Friday 7/11/2014! 

Hails to all!

TAVU will be supporting our brothers in arms, Zafakon, this Friday July 11th at Club 77 Rio Piedras, for their Fundraising Event for their upcoming US Tour.  We love these thrashy bastards, and are proud to be helping them out!  Also joining us on stage will be Vessels for a Dream and Attachment.  

We hope to see you all at Club 77 this Friday!

Come ready to get some merch, all the bands will have new merch available, including Tavu and Zafakon!

Party time!

Exito total el 3er Encuentro Metalero del Este! 

Tarde pero seguro!

El sabado pasado Tavú participó en el 3er Encuentro Metalero del Este.  Fue un exitazo total!

Tavú triunfante en tarima

El evento fue una de las experiencias que más hemos disfrutado en buen tiempo.  Buenas bandas, amistades, comida, bebida, una producción sumamente profesional y sobre todo, un público espectacular.

Esperamos ser parte del próximo!


Mañana TAVU en el 3er Encuentro Metalero del Este, Yabucoa, GRATIS! 

Mañana TAVU participará en el 3er Encuentro Metalero del Este en la playa Guayanes en Yabucoa con un listado excelentísimo de bandas locales.  Este festival es un evento único, con alta calidad de producción, dedicado a exponer el inigualable talento que tiene la escena local del metal de Puerto Rico.

La entrada es GRATIS!

TAVU toca a las 6pm, pero estaremos desde temprano con el BBQ frente a la playa gozando.

Recuerden también llevar dinero adicional, ya que estaremos vendiendo camisas y discos!

Los vemos en Yabucoa mañana!

TAVU's 18th Anniversary coming soon! 

Hails to all!

TAVU will be turning 18 this summer, and we are planning an extra special surprise to celebrate this momentous occasion with all of you.

To give you a hint, it will be an event which all of you can enjoy, worldwide, simultaneously.  

We are very very psyched over this, and can't wait to celebrate the band's "legal age" with you all!

We will give you more news on it soon!


"Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii" released 1 year ago today! 

Hails all!

One year ago today, on June 1st, 2013, Tavú released "Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii" out to the world.  It was the culmination of years of work, funneled into two years of production, recording, and post production.  The end result exceeded all our expectations.

With CVCS, we were able to capture the essence of our message, of our musical vision, with crystalline clarity.  One year after release, we can say we are as proud today of what we achieved in the album as of the day of release.  Maybe even more so.

We are also extraordinarily proud of what the album accomplished by itself.  The album took on a life of its own and travelled the globe.  It's reach was unexpected to us, yet vastly satisfying and humbling at the same time.

It amassed glowing reviews in Latin America, the USA, The Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Spain, and of course, Puerto Rico.  It was in a number of "Best Releases of 2013" lists (including a #2 spot in Spain).

It held a #1 position on XRP Radio in the UK for 16 incredible weeks, and is still in it's Top 10 (currently still battling at #4).

It was voted as one of the most influential releases of an independent artist in Puerto Rico by more than one musical outlet on the island.

The list keeps going, but it would be pretentious to keep writing them out.

Suffice to say, the album reached much farther than we expected it to, and we are damn proud of that.   

We aren't done spreading that album out though!  Soon, we will be releasing the music video for "A System Without Honor" and filming a new video for "Clamor Silentii".  Our mission of musical conversion is far from over!

June 1st, apart from being the official release date for "Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii", was also the date of the album's Release Party.  It was a massive success and an epic blast!  All who went know it was a legendary show!  Joining us were our friends The Mirage Theory and Protocols, who we were proud to share the stage with.

And most of all, joining us were a lot of you, who made us proud to have as such die hard fans!


We can't stress enough how much we love all of you, and how much we appreciate the massive support you have given us.  We in Tavu are honored, humbled, and definitely lucky to have fans of your caliber!

Hey, if you have photos and videos of the album release, feel free to post them on our Facebook page!  

Help us celebrate CVCS's Birthday by BLASTING IT LOUD AS HELL!

Don't have it?  It's available here:

Cd Baby:

You can also stream it on SPOTIFY!