Overcoming Adversity

This video is both one of our crowning achievements as a band, and also a subject for reflection on our current situation. For us, and for me personally, it is a symbol of overcoming adversity. 


After a…


Forced down time won't keep us down!

Even though two of us are taking it slow due to unexpected medical issues, Tavú is busy cooking up some surprises for you all. 

Keep those eyes peeled. 

Thank you all for your support and your good wishes.…


Alive and kicking.

Hails to all!

We haven't been posting much to the blog, and have left it gathering dust.  That will change soon.

Those of you who follow us on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, know we are busy writing new…

Working on new music/Show December 5th!

Hails to all!

We have been quiet these past few weeks, but we have been very busy behind the scenes writing music for a new album.

As you all know, we tend to be detail-oriented perfectionists when crafting songs, and…

One day until video launch!

We are one day away from the premiere of our new music video, "A System Without Honor".



Nuestros grandes amigos de CHOPPER ROCK ODIN nos han dado un apoyo extraordinario con nuestro ultimo disco, "Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii" desde su lanzamiento.

Presentemente están dandole a Tavu exposición musical por todo Latinoamerica, España y una multiplicidad de lugares…