A huge thanks to the 365 Radio Network!

Hails to all!

We have to give a special thanks to the 365 Radio Network!  They have liked our new album "Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii" so much that it has been burning up the airwaves in their Metal, Xtreme, Indie, Ultimate, Rock and Elite stations!

As you all know, this new album has been an independent release.  We decided to release it on our own, and we are massively proud of how it came out.

The support of hard working, bad ass people and stations like the 365 Network is what makes us independent artists do what we do, and allow us to give you the music you love to bang your head to.  

So, we thank everyone at the 365 Network for helping us spread our music!  

Now go give them a listen, they blast out some seriously good music!

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