"A System Without Honor" music video premiere TODAY!


Hails to all of you!

Without further preamble, here is the new music video for "A System Without Honor"!

We are extraordinarily proud of this one.  Enjoy the hell out of it, and share it everywhere!

And here is the official press release:

TAVU: "A System Without Honor" Music Video Released

Puerto Rico metal veterans TAVU have released the music video for "A System Without Honor", the second video for their most recent album, "Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii".  It was produced by drummer David F. McCloskey and directed by Luis Freddie Vazquez, known for his work in film and theater.

"I met Luis Freddie around 2008 during the production of his film "Contraseña", in which I produced the soundtrack.  Over the years, the idea of him filming a video for TAVU would constantly come up, and when 'Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii' was released, we finally coincided," states McCloskey.

About the meaning of the song, vocalist Marcos Reyes reveals: "We live within a system which is only real because we make it real.  We create our own reality, but from birth are indoctrinated into a system of rules, conduct, and values that are foreign to our nature.  Curiously, we need this system to live within society, but the system does not need us as individuals.  What it needs is the acceptance of the masses, but one as an individual is powerless against it."

Reyes concludes: "The system doesn't care if we are honest or deceitful, if we're decent or perverse.  It doesn't understand shame, has no emotion, pity, and above all, it has no honor."

"And to me," McCloskey adds, "a system like this can only lead to one thing eventually: the end of all things."

"To translate this abstract idea into a performance video, we recruited director of photography Carlos Garcia and graphic designer Jorge Castillo into our production team, and the video was born.  We wanted to create a video that both captured the live energy of the band, as well as the bleak concept of the song," McCloskey concludes.  "I feel we succeeded."


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