NEXT SHOW! TAVU @ The Mirage Theory Live Video Shooting Event at La Respuesta!

Hails all!

This Saturday July 6th, TAVU will be joining our partners in crime The Mirage Theory in a special show, at La Respuesta, Santurce, Puerto Rico.

They will be filming the show for the music video for their upcoming single "The Dying and the Dead", and they are making one hell of a show for the event.

Joining them onstage will be Tavú, Death Comes Home, Protocols and Attachment, which guarantees a devastatingly delicious lineup of damn great bands... and something else.  


So come on down all of you and join us in this epic event!

Show starts at 8:30pm!

We will be selling physical copies of our new album "Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii", as well as new Tavú Tshirts at the show!


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