Overcoming Adversity

This video is both one of our crowning achievements as a band, and also a subject for reflection on our current situation. For us, and for me personally, it is a symbol of overcoming adversity. 


After a complex pre-production process filled with many hurdles, we were finally able to nail a day for shooting. Friday, December 20, 2013. The crew was assembled, the studio set, the band ready. All the months of work, the setbacks, the brain storming, lead to that date. 

On Wednesday, December 18th, 2016, I had a serious car accident. A drunk driver brought me face to face with the reality that life is short. I was lucky, and even though some pain me to this day, my injuries were not catastrophic. 

We considered cancelling the video shoot. But, maybe unwisely, I charged on and said screw this, I won't let a drunk driver ruin my art, my dreams, or half a year of planning and work. 

With massive support from the rest of the band, as well as the amazing director and dp team of Luis Freddie Vazquez and Carlos García, the above and beyond help from Angel Correa, J Humberto Jimenez and the Radio Activa crew, as well as the superb post production work of Jorge Castillo, we came, we filmed, and we conquered. 

Then I slept for days, satisfied with our work, and pleased at overcoming the odds. 

This video, to me, stands as a watershed moment that both I, as a person, and Tavú, as a band and group, can face hardship and perservere, both as individuals, and together as a group. 

We might be away from the stage for a few months, we might be ill or injured, but we will always triump. 

This is me, opening my heart to you all. This is me sharing my music, sharing my art, which means the world to me. 

Yogi, Joen, Marcos, I love you guys. You are family. 

And to all of you, fans, bands, and peers alike, I love you all. WE love you all. 

Play this loudly. Share it with everyone. Enjoy it deeply. And know it came from the bottom of our hearts. 

Expect more from us soon enough! 

- David F. McCloskey, Tavu Drum Department -


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