PROTOCOLS drummer Leo Gonzalez to fill in for next TAVU shows!

Hails all!

Our drummer, David F. McCloskey, will be unable to play our next two shows, so, he selected a drummer to fill in for him.

So, we are proud to announce that Protocols drummer Leo Gonzalez will be taking over drum duties for the next two shows.  We are big fans of both Protocols and Leo's drumming, and Leo was David's first choice on his list of potential drummers.


Leo will be giving his touch to our material during our next two shows.  

First show will be TONIGHT at Logan's Irish Pub, opening up for Indiana horror rockers Grave Robber, alongside our friends SacrosentRaza Sedentaria, and The Way.

Second, at the one and only VIVE ROCK FESTIVAL, November 8 at El Litoral, Mayaguez!

We are extraordinarily psyched over both shows!

It will be our first time playing at Logan's, and for all of you who went to last year's Vive Rock, you know that it will be a festival of epic proportions!

So come on down to see us rock the hell out with Leo giving his personal touch to our songs!

David will be back on the drum throne in a few weeks, but for now, watching Leo play with TAVU is a unique experience, and one you definitely do not want to miss!

We hope to see you all there!

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