TAVU and David F. McCloskey news on AXIS PERCUSSION!

Hails to all!

Many of you know that our drummer David is a very outspoken advocate of Axis Percussion drum pedals and hardware.  This, among other random twists of fate, nailed his endorsement to Axis in 2006.  He has never looked back.  He beats his Axis pedals to death and back and loves them dearly.

Well, today Axis Percussion published a lovely article on his work on the new TAVU album, as well as his drumming.  

Go and read it and enjoy the hell out of it!

To make it nicer, just click on the Axis logo and it'll drop you on the article!

Also, they have published a short bio on David as well, because they are just that awesome.

And to make it easier, you just click on David's picture and it'll drop you there.  


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