TAVU celebrates 18th Anniversary with a gift to YOU!

Hails all!

This summer, TAVU has turned a strapping young age of 18.  We are extraordinarily proud of nearly two decades of great music, spectacular shows, wonderful times, and amazing friends.  We feel we are in our prime, as exemplified by the worldwide reach of our latest album, "Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii", as well as the devastitingly delicious new music we are crafting for all of you.

These 18 years would not have been possible without the undying support that you all have given us.  We have thoroughly enjoyed playing for all of you, as well as meeting many of you over the years.  We can honestly say we love the hell out of all of you.

That said, even though it is our birthday, we have decided to give YOU a gift this time around.

To celebrate our 18th Anniversary, we will be playing a special, private show, and pro shooting it for a live stream, which all our fans around the world can enjoy. A lot of our worldwide fans haven't been able to see us live, so we decided to stream our live show directly to you.  We say it's a private show because it will be streamed straight into your computer, or living room, or even  yout cellphone.

We are working hard behind the scenes to give you a blistering, emotive set that captures music from our 18 years of musical trajectory, and to give you a spectacularly shot, professional sounding live performance. 

We will be doing this later this year and will make the official date announcement soon.  So, keep your eyes peeled!

For now, feel free to drop by our Guestbook as well as our Facebook PageInstagram, and Twitter to wish us a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Remember, if you haven't purchased our latest album yet, you can purchase it from Bandcamp, Itunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and a few other places online, both digital and physical, as well as stream it on Spotify!

All the links are right above this post!  Our shirts are also available for online ordering from our Bandcamp.

​Thank you all for your spectacular support!


Tavu Drums


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