TAVU sharing the stage with Agnostic Front, March 21st!

Hails to all of you!
We will be sharing the stage with New York Hardcore legends Agnostic Front on Saturday March 21st, at La Respuesta, in Santurce Puerto Rico, alongside Cold Times and Bicicleta!
We are hella psyched!
Agnostic Front will be filming the show for a new music video from their upcoming new album, "The American Dream Died", as well as for a documentary.  So if you want to be a part of that, you need to get your sexy selves to La Respuesta on Saturday March 21st!
If you live in Puerto Rico and need tickets, either go to the Facebook Event Page for the concert and Bloodstained World Productions will get some for you, or write us to tavuinfo@gmail.com and we will hook you up.  Tickets are $30, and there are only 300 tickets available!  So get yours before they sell out!

Back when Tavú started in 1996, a great number of our shows were with bands from the Puerto Rico Hardcore scene, bands like Golpe Justo, Bajo Presión, Keyser Soze, Nueva Etica, Perro Enfermo, etc.  Agnostic Front started out as a hardcore band, but they eventually incorporated a lot of metal elements in their music.  During the 90s, this was greatly influential to us, since they were one of the bands that showed us that you could play whatever the hell type of music you felt, as long as your message was true and you were true to yourself.  And now, were we both are together decades later. 

We are very happy to get to play with Agnostic Front, and we will be very happy to share this show with all of you.

To conmemorate this and make our set extra special for all of you, we will be playing both an old song we used to play in those days, as well as a brand new song for the first time.
We will also have merch for all of you, so bring that cash flow!
See you the 21st at La Respuesta!


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