Working on new music/Show December 5th!

Hails to all!

We have been quiet these past few weeks, but we have been very busy behind the scenes writing music for a new album.

As you all know, we tend to be detail-oriented perfectionists when crafting songs, and this translates to a lot of time and effort during the composing pricess.  This makes creating new Tavú songs take a bit longer than we would like under ideal circumstances, but it pays off with better quality material.  Material we can be deeply proud off.

So, we have not been playing live as often while we focus on writing and smoothing out new material, but we will be giving you all a glimse of some of our new songs soon.

We will be playing a very special show on Saturday, December 5th at Club 77 (Rio Piedras) as part of the three day Metal Islands Party celebration.  We will be playing that night with Humanist, Calamity, Doomlord, Dementium and Organic, and the entrance is FREE.

This will be part 2 of a three day celebration of the Caribbean metal scene.  A legendary joining of forces between the Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Dominican Republic metal scenes.  A sharing of music and culture.

All three events are free of charge.  

Friday, December 4th will be "The Metal Islands" conference at the Teatro Tapia, talking about the different islands, their culture, and their metal scenes.

Saturday, December 5th will be the "Metal Islands Pre Party" at Club 77, which is the show we will play in.

And Sunday, December 6th will be the "8th Annual Metal Flea Market" at La Respuesta, featuring Abaddon RD from the Dominican Republic, Tendencia from Cuba, Dantesco, and Zafakon releasing their new album!  

Three spectacular events, all free entrance.

We hope to see you in all three, especially from the stage on Saturday December 5th at Club 77!

Spread the word!

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