Music and Lyrics by Tavú
Produced by David F. McCloskey
Mixed/Mastered by Leo Alvarez
Tracking by Hector Santiago


What has become your paramount?
The inner calling inside yourself
It used to be some childish dream
Now surrendered for the comfort of worshipping…

A system has no sense
Of itself or no one else
A system simply is
It doesn’t need or bleed
Why would you worship that
Which doesn’t need you back?

So give me your tired
And give me your poor
Give me the liberty
To shoot myself in the foot
Give me the chance to dance
Along the subtle lullaby
Of faceless negotiators
And the capitalization of time

What do you see
When you look at the screen
Pictographic representations
Two dimensional realities
What do you see
When you take a look at me
Certainly not a translation
Of what a person should be
So if this a representation then why we’re
Pretending to be, more than we are
Losing our souls, worshipping lies
Treasuring what’s feeding our pride
Choosing this bile we call a life
Instead of ourselves, so tell me now
What has become your paramount?

A system without shame
A system without emotion
A system without mercy
A system without honor…