1. Courtesy

Music and Lyrics by Tavú
Produced by David F. McCloskey
Mixed/Mastered by Leo Alvarez
Tracked by Hector Santiago


You wouldn’t care, and wouldn’t try
To shake hands with a leper, who’s to die
Right at your feet, spending his life
Spilling his blood in your eyes
A smile, a nod, a word, a jest,
Some spare change at best
and then out of sight
and out of mind

Locking your doors, washing your hands,
You can’t avoid,
Seeing the truth while sowing your eyes shut

You can’t afford
to see me as
something that feels
all that you see
through tv screens
is not real to you
a suffering that
you cannot feel

What makes you think that courtesy
Can take the place of true concern?
A smile cannot replace a soul
a gesture of a heart that’s burnt

Every day of your life
You keep walking away
From the humanity
That you’ve just left behind

Walking by while there is death at your feet
Yet by forgetting the whole world you still have blood on your hands
Which will not wash away

Those who don’t care about the pain in the world
They hold in their hands just as much responsibility for it
You may plead ignorance, and pretend that is bliss
Will not make you immune, and it will not take away your guilt